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Notable Rules of Behavior for Kharkiv Casinos

Are you planning to visit one of the Kharkiv casinos? Since gambling has once more been legalized in Ukraine, more and more people are rushing to visit the casinos in order to indulge in their love for it. The thrill and excitement is definitely a fun experience that everyone wants to have, but before you head over to any Kharkiv casinos, it is best for you to be aware of the rules. This is of the utmost importance if you don’t want to be kicked out just because you were not familiar with the rules that were applicable. Plus, you can also save yourself from the judgmental eyes of the other gamblers.


If you intend to have an unforgettable experience when you are playing games in Kharkiv casinos, you should learn their rules. Some of the notable rules of behavior that players should follow are mentioned below:

  • Mobile phones are not permitted

Before you are visiting Kharkiv casinos, it is best for you to turn off your mobile phone, so that you will not disturb the other players with distracting lights and sounds. If you do have to make a phone call, it is best to move away from the table where a game is being played. If you are unsure of whether you are allowed to take photographs in the casino or not, you can simply ask the staff about it and they will be more than willing to guide you about it. Most of the Kharkiv casinos do allow players to take photographs of big wins. Nonetheless, the rules can vary from casino to casino and it is best for you to be aware of them.

  • Know the dress code

In some Kharkiv casinos, there may not be very strict rules about what you should wear because their policy may be to allow people to dress as casually as they like. However, there are also those casinos that are quite strict about the dress code that has to be followed. They may require visitors to wear a shirt or other formal attire and it is best for you to know this beforehand so you are not stopped from entering. If your outfit is not in accordance with the rules of Kharkiv casinos, you will have to walk away to a different one or may have to go home and change. You should also avoid running shoes when you are visiting a casino.

  • Drink the right amounts

There is something known as overindulging and there are a lot of people who do this at Kharkiv casinos. Drinking at a casino is a common occurrence; after all, wouldn’t you want to have a drink when you are relaxing and playing your favorite game? But, if you drink excessively, then you may end up spoiling the fun other people are having. Hence, you shouldn’t overindulge and respect the standard casino etiquette.

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  • Handling chips

The first thing you need to know before approaching a table in Kharkiv casinos is the minimum and maximum bet. You can find information about the bets on the boards. Thus, before you take a seat at the table, you should make sure that you are betting the right amount and nothing less. If you want to buy chips, you shouldn’t disturb the dealer and should directly place the money in front of you. The croupier will spot it and replace it with chips. It should also be noted that you should avoid buying chips during a spin, hand or throw because this can shift the dealer’s attention and also annoy other people at the table.

Moreover, as far as taking chips home is concerned, it is best to take those with a lower value, or else you will lose money.

  • Cashing out the chips

If you want to cash out the chips in Kharkiv casinos, you should first arrange them in an orderly stack and then wait for the dealer to count them. When you have decided that you are done playing, you need to wait for the hand to finish and then cash out between hands. Once the dealer hands you your money, it doesn’t look good if you are counting it in front of the rest of the players. Step away from the table in order to count your money.

  • Avoid touching the chips of other players

Tampering with other people’s chips in Kharkiv casinos is not allowed, even if they permit you to do so. Furthermore, it is also not acceptable to ask anyone to watch over your chips if you are stepping away from the table, even if it is the croupier.

  • Stay calm, cool and collected

It is crucial that you stay calm throughout all your time at Kharkiv casinos, even if you are losing. After all, everyone has to lose at some point and so do you. It is not a good idea to take a loss personally and start yelling at the other players or the dealer. Losing is a natural part of gambling and one you should be ready to expect and accept. Sure, it can undoubtedly be frustrating when you are losing a lot of money, but it is vital to be in control of yourself. The same is applicable when you are winning; you should be shouting about your victory because others have lost.

  • Be friendly, but not overly so

While it is okay to talk to some of the other players when you are playing slots in Kharkiv casinos, as long as they are open to it, it doesn’t mean that you start narrating your life story when all the other person wants to do is play.

  • Tipping the dealer

If you are a beginner and are visiting Kharkiv casinos for the first time, then you definitely need to know about this rule. It is an established custom that players have to tip the dealer during the play or when the game comes to an end. It is a good idea to tip the dealer after every few hands that you play. The amount of money that you tip can vary from $1 to $5, or it can be more if there are higher stakes. Moreover, it is not essential for you to leave a big tip in case you win big. When you are leaving the table, you can simply leave $5 to $10 dollars.

  • Follow the rules

Whether you are new to the world of Kharkiv casinos or are only playing a game that you haven’t played before, you should be aware of the rules of said game. Information about these rules can be obtained by playing the game, reading about it or by simply taking a tour of the casino. You also have the freedom of watching someone play, if that’s what you are comfortable with.

Obviously, reading is not enough, so a good way to get familiar with a casino game is by playing it for free. Online casinos do give you this option and you can get in some practice before you actually visit one of the Kharkiv casinos to try your luck.

  • Manage your budget

One of the most vital rules that you need to pay attention to, especially when you are starting out is learning to manage your budget when you are exploring Kharkiv casinos. It is best for you to wager the kind of money that you can actually afford to lose. But, if you have already spent too much, it is better to start doing something else instead of chasing your losses.

  • Don’t share your ideas

It is okay to ask the dealer or the other players for advice occasionally when you are playing any game in Kharkiv casinos, but there is nothing more annoying than someone who is hovering around your constantly and offering you unsolicited advice. It is also frowned upon to direct criticism towards how the other players are playing their hands or throwing the dice. It is best to stay quiet and observe only, if you want to and not offer any advice unless you are asked for it.

  • Patience is highly valued

When you are visiting Kharkiv casinos for the first time, it is quite normal for you to be excited, but you do need to be patient with the other players. You should wait while the others are done with the slot machines and then sit down for trying your luck. It is definitely not okay for you to hurry the players or even push them aside because you are eager to get started. If you plan on playing at a particular table and you see someone else also eyeing it, you should straight up ask them if they plan to play or not.

If you have already played at a table where several people have won, you need to wait for your turn to get paid. There is a proper system in place in Kharkiv casinos that is used by dealers for distributing the winnings, so you shouldn’t try and get your winnings as soon as you see the money.

  • The dealer is in control

If the dealer has announced that there will be no more bets, then that is it. There cannot be more bets. It is suggested that you first watch how the games are played in Kharkiv casinos before participating because this will help you in avoiding some unpleasant situations.

  • Be aware of others around you

When you are sitting at a table in any of the Kharkiv casinos, you are permitted to drink and eat. You should use cup holders because this ensures that you don’t spill the drink or someone else doesn’t spill it. As far as food is concerned, it is best to get non-smelly food, so you will not affect the focus of the other players around you. It is also best to avoid greasy food, or else the chips might be stained.

  • Casino card rules

You need to be aware of some of the card rules in Kharkiv casinos in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. First, you should closely take a look at how the dealer is distributing the cards. If they have dealt them face up, then it means you are now permitted to touch them. In case the cards have been dealt face-down, you should only use one hand for handling the cards. In six-deck games, the dealer will shuffle the cards and a player will cut the deck with a ‘cut card’. If you are the one cutting the deck, you should do it somewhere in the middle. If you cut it too close from any end, you will be asked to repeat, which will slow down the game. Knowing these rules is important if you don’t want other players to be angry.

  • Know blackjack etiquette

It is necessary for people to know blackjack etiquette, along with other table manners, if you want to fully enjoy playing in Kharkiv casinos. The most important thing to know about blackjack etiquette is how to make the proper hand gestures. The kind of signals you make can actually determine your hand, so you do need to be careful. If some players create a scene after losing money, security can check the footage to see what has happened because hand movements can easily be differentiated on video. The dealers in the casinos have been trained to spot hand gestures rather than just listening to the players.

  • Poker etiquette

When you are playing poker at Kharkiv casinos, being polite and well-mannered is a plus. There is no need for you to pretend; if you don’t feel like talking, you can always stay silent. Everything that puts you at ease while playing is allowed, as long as it doesn’t bother the other players. Pay attention to what is happening at the table, particularly when it is your turn to play. Make simple and quick decisions to avoid getting comments from the other players.